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Cascadia and Landmarks

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3DLevelup - Organiser

New - Istanbul Dice Tower & Organiser

  • Moedas & Co, Ark Nova Metal Coins

    High quality, thick metal coins. Aged in Gold, and bronze baths - produced in a mint. You cannot get better coins.

  • 3DLevelup Ark Nova Organisers

    Rich, vibrant, functional and artistic. You'll love this organiser. Support for sleeved cards with Marine worlds, and a discard tray!

  • 3DLevelup Ark Nova Upgraded Tiles

    Intricate, detailed and colourful tiles that are both functional and will lift you game to new heights. You'll never want to play without them.

  • Ark Nova Board Game

    An awesome game by Mathias Wigge. There is a reason why this game is ranked one of the best games on BGG.

  • Ark Nova Marine Worlds Box Cover

    Ark Nova Expansion Marine Worlds

    An awesome expansion, there's no reason you would ever play without it. 10/10 from us.

  • Ark Nova Map Packs

    Extend your gameplay variaty with the official Ark Nova Map Packs. Available also in store.

Dice Tower Review - 3DLevelup @ 16min.

3D Level Up

Upgrade your board games with our exclusive designs.

We are artists and designers that love to draw and create upgraded board game accessories. All our products are made from a blank canvas, original and unique. Created in eco friendly high quality resin and plastics. Designed and created in Australia, shipping to the world.

Lisboa board game upgrade

Coming Soon!

Our next board game upgrade is for Lisboa by Vital Lacerda. We are handcrafting the entire City of Lisbon Portugal for use within the game at incredible detail. I've already been told by many who have seen the prototypes that this is our best project to date, and the models are stunning!

We already have Lisboa High Quallity Metal Coins by Moedas & Co available now.

Lisboa Upgrade

High Quality Metal Coins by Moedas & Co

Our collection of Moedas & Co metal coins. Purchase your set today.

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