Lisboa - Rebuild the entire city of Lisboa UPDATE 6/04/2024

Lisboa - Rebuild the entire city of Lisboa UPDATE 6/04/2024

UPDATE 6/04/2024

I am pleased to announce we have full approval for this project from Vital Lucerda, so this upgrade will be available to all when complete.

I have now mostly finished the cathedral of Lisboa. This was more challenging than I expected, as it is not symmetrical, likely due to the rebuilding from ruins. Here are some teasing renders of this beautiful building:


And peering through the front window:

Some samples


ORIGINAL POST 03/04/2024

I've fallen in love with this game! We love the artwork from Ian O'Toole and the gameplay mechanics from Vital Lacerda has added so much depth. This game has made me look into the history of the 1755 great earthquake Whilst playing the game and admiring the art work on the board, we thought the beautiful sketches on the building tiles were hard to see due to their smaller size unless you were directly above them. So we thought what about if we made all the buildings in miniature to place on the board. This will be an epic project to re-create the entire city of Lisboa! For this upgrade, I want it to scream the ultimate quality of pieces to match that of the incredible game that it is. This game isn't for everyone, but if you are able to experience it, its well worth it. So in tribute to the great work of these designers and artists I'll be doing everything in Solid Resin at the highest of detail, my vision is that everyone will be able to rebuild this city of Lisboa to it's accurate architectural style, and players from the other side of the board will be able to easily see what public buildings are on offer to build.

So far I've completed the primary buildings, and the public building "the Statue of Joseph I"

There are about 10 other public buildings compromising of churches, castles, parks, to state buildings to further model on this game.

Render below and some final pieces on our game board to preview:



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