Crush those opponents in Vendetta

Crush those opponents in Vendetta

The other week our family tried out Thunder Road Vendetta. What a game! Our boys loved it so much and can't wait to play it again. I almost won, but those sneaky kids who never get along, decided it was worth working together to take me out. Whilst they knocked me out, there were plenty of laughs, and it was great to see the siblings getting along for a common goal.

So of course, before we have our next game, I had to make some mountains look more exciting, because this game is going to hit the table a lot with our kids. We want to be able to role play every smash, crash, and slam whilst gunning each other down. Now we can literally slam them into the mountain!

Our kids have already come up with some house rules for this game that sound awesome that I can't wait to try... Buggies are snipers - they can shoot up to 3 spaces in a straight line, Cars are as per the normal rules because they have two machine guns on the bonnet, and the large van/cars can only shoot the 1 space in front, but it gets to roll twice for damage - because it has the cannon!

We also changed the rules so that the heaviest car is always on top, and the smallest on the bottom. In this way it matches the inertia of the dice, a heavier car is less likely to be bumped out from the smaller car (due to dice odds).

Well here is my prototype of some epic canyon mountains:


Oh for those waiting for board game stock, more stock is arriving for this game next month!

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How exciting. One of my favourite recent pickups and I can’t wait to see all the goodies you cook up for Thunder Road.


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