Collection: Board Game Upgrades

This is all the upgrades we sell for Board Games shipping to most of the world, including our exclusive 3DLevelup designed and made items. We now cover many popular board games with unique upgrades that are rated 5 stars from customers all over the world. Our upgrades are extremely high quality, solid resin, very high quality eco plastics, and soon to have timber products - we also stock other upgrades either from the board game manufacturers or from other suppliers that we believe have the same high standards as our products.

We respect board game designers and other artists, we are artists ourselves with all our creations made in our own imagination. We contact and reach out to all board game designers that we have made upgrades for, with many of them owning our exclusive products. 

3DLevelup Exclusive items are designed and drawn by Jonathan and Wendy Hirtler. We use various production methods to bring these creations to life. All designs are copyrighted and protected under Australian laws.

We also sell over 150 board games, upgrades and accessories to our local market that we love and from other companies we support. Check out our website for more products available.

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