About us

3DLevelup is an exciting and new artistic board game shop specialising in upgrades, and unique designs. We started in February 2022 and are shipping to over 25 countries all the way from down under! We are a family hobby business that wants to share our creations and enjoyment with other people no matter where you are. The starting of this business has occurred due to pandemic circumstances, making it an opportune time to try something different and something we are passionate about.

We have been 3D printing for friends and family for over 4 years. Our family has a passion for 3D printing, and playing board games with our friends. With the demand of some of our products amongst the community we have decided to start a business and grow our printing farm. We design and create unique artistic upgrades that are shipped worldwide, design tokens for board game designers, and now sell the most popular board games to Australian customers. 

We are situated in Sunny Queensland Australia.

Our printing farm has grown to 11 printers. We use the highest end printers, and high quality materials to produce the best results. Since this is another hobby we have, we have invested heavily in research and trialling different methods to bring out the best results. We currently use Bambu Carbon, Prusa FDM printers and Phrozen Resin 8k SLA printers. Since we design all our own products, they have been designed from the ground up for 3D printing in mind, to bring out maximum detail possible whilst retaining sturdy results. Some products have taken me 11 months to fine tune this process.

Here is our Western Legends and Wingspan components being printed on our Prusa printing station.

We don't rest! We are always designing or improving our products and expanding our selection, check out our coming soon blog: https://3dlevelup.com.au/blogs/news.

We strive to produce unique quality products that you'll be proud to own. Attention to detail and next level customer service is what we are about. We love to hear back from our customers and friends, so please keep in touch.