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Organisers for Brass Lancashire (Retail Edition)

Organisers for Brass Lancashire (Retail Edition)

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Box Requirements - Dimensions

30.0 x 30.0 x 5.5 cm for Retail Organiser.
Note: Export Tokens and Mini Tokens boxes do not fit in retail box, and must be stored separately.
Sleeved Cards do not fit our retail organiser. See our Deluxe Kickstarter Organiser for sleeved cards.

Material & Finish



See options in description.

Want the upgraded tokens? Click here 

Yes! Our Brass Lancashire retail organiser now fully supports Coins from Moedas & Co. These coins are thicker than the standard cardboard, but fit perfectly in the coin tray. 

 Get these beautiful coins from Moedas & Co here.

We have lots of solutions here for organising your Brass Lancashire with our upgraded tokens. Note: Organiser and Containers only. Does not include tokens. Our upgraded tokens are listed separately on the website. Does not include the game or metal coins. Metail coins from Moedas & Co.

Pack 1: Base organiser for retail edition of the game (includes Pack 2)

This organiser is for the retail edition of Brass Lancashrie with box dimensions 30.0 x 30.0 x 5.5 cm (not the deluxe edition). Keeping in theme of the industrial era, this organiser makes clever use of old English factory windows, individual player crates, and ornate trays. Money is sorted and stored in a removable cog designed tray, iron and coal in a separate removable tray, and the card decks are split into 4, to make this all fit with game boards in the slim retail box. Sorry no sleeves on cards, there is no way that will fit in retail box. All player boards and game board are in the bottom of the box in these photos (lid fits flush with organiser, tokens and game not included).

Pack 2: Containers for upgraded train and boat tokens

Without full organiser, this will include all 8 boxes to store the upgraded trains and boat tokens. Trains and boats are securely locked in place in their individual holders, so there is no chance of them getting damaged. Industrial windows shows off these tokens and makes them really stand out. (tokens not included)

Pack 3: Container for export tokens

A single container to store the export tokens, stored securely and locked in place. (tokens not included).

Pack 4: Container for miniature buildings pack

An anchor container to store our miniature buildings pack (tokens not included), and two additional railway containers. Railway containers store miniature cotton buildings, and iron. Anchor container stores the miniature coal cars, ship building yards, cotton marker, and anchors.  Section for each type of industry, keeps it sorted whilst in game. We keep this next to the board when we play, and like to place the corresponding building on a flipped tile to show its produced. This gives a feel of construction vs built tiles. (tokens not included).

Looking for the organiser for the Deluxe (Kick Starter) Edition of Brass Lancashire?

Go here:

Note: Board game and Tokens not included. This organiser does not support Iron Clays, or Sleeved Cards. Export Tokens and miniature buildings container do not fit in the retail box with our organiser and will need to be stored separately.

Note: 3D tokens, upgraded items and organisers are in no way affiliated or endorsed by the producers of the board games we are designing organisers and components for. Artwork is completely original and designed in our own imagination and style from scratch. If you like our creations we would love to hear from you.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent presentation, well crafted, everything opens and shuts easily. Easy to add to the game

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