Hideouts for Western Legends - 19/11/2023

Hideouts for Western Legends - 19/11/2023

Update 19th Nov.

Our first set of prints for stock are now finished, so we hope to make these available on our website this week!

Update 11th Nov.

Western legends hideout

Western legens hideout

Western legends hideout

Update 9th Nov.

Prototyping some trees. Looking great but let's not hide the river on the board. Some minor adjustments needed.

Western legends hideout trees

Update 1st Nov. If you guessed the Hideouts you would be correct!

Colour you say? We will have some green cactus splashed about on these awesome hideout locations. Our goal was to create hideout locations that didn't clutter the board and yet added some colour to it.

Here are some prototype development sneak peaks:

Western Legends Hideouts

Western Legends Hideouts

And yes we will fill the tank with water. Obviously not real water!

Western Legends Hideouts

The largest hideout - Ante Up Hideouts (Dynamite!):

Western Legends Ante Up Hideout

We have printed a few of these and they are coming out great. Just need a few tweaks here and there. I think we will have them ready before Christmas.

Original Post:

What could it be? 

Stay tuned...

Hint; There are some places we don't have upgrades for.. and we thought some more colour was needed!

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