Wayfarers of the South Tigris

Wayfarers of the South Tigris

A friend of ours brought over their Wayfarers kickstarter last night. Unfortunately we didnt get a game in, but the rules for this game interesting. I love the idea of expanding out a canvas of land, see and the night sky. There is a dice mechanic, where each player rolls dice and uses the numbers for actions that are determined by some tile laying. First thought came to mind, oh dice are going to go roll and destroy my canvas, or ill fiddle with the dice when Im not allowed to, I can imagine the evil stares... Jono hands off those dice.. ;-) Well wouldnt it be great if everyone had a mini dice tray, where they could toll their dice then put them somewhere to lock in those values for everyone else to see? Well this is in the Tigris, so the solution would have to be a middle eastern fort mini dice tray. I've been busy today and the results look fantastic! I always know when it's a good product, when I get really excited seeing it print. Here is our first one. Wayfarers of the south Tigris

It's come out perfect, size is great. Everyone will love this addition to the game. The dice fit on all the castle walls, and roll them away in the middle.  Now I only have to chose the perfect felt colour for those graceful dice rolls!

I think we will get this one on our website by next week. :-D

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