Trains and Boat tokens for Brass Lancashire?

Trains and Boat tokens for Brass Lancashire?

My wife and I had a break last weekend, and opened up our new Brass Lancashire board game to try out with our upgrades. It was our first holiday without the kids in 11 years! We have had a few queries if our upgrades are compatible with Brass Lancashire.

We can say that the trains and boats work perfectly for Brass Lancashire. The export tokens are different quantities (No Pottery Kilns in Lancashire and needed more Cotton buildings). Whilst learning the rules, we also discovered how Ports work and thought having an Anchor for each would help to highlight where else you can sell your goods. So we will add a nice anchor you can place on those tiles, in the same scale as the export tokens.

Miniature buildings are largely the same, with just the addition of the ship yard. (port won't need one due to it being an export location). We think this flows well with the theme of using the miniature tokens on tiles when its complete (so your eyes focus on those tiles that still need to be flipped).

So lookout for our upgrades for Lancashire, hopefully on our website before Christmas. If you can't wait, be rest assured you can purchase the Train and Canal tokens with containers that work perfectly for Lancashire as well as the train and boat containers fitting nicely in the board game box.

Oh and I won the game, defeating my wife with my train connections - though it was close!

Brass Lancashire

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