Maracaibo update 23/08/2023

Maracaibo update 23/08/2023

Update 23/08/2023

Initial stock will be available on 27th August.

Update 30/07/2023

We are back from holidays, and right into production. Maracaibo upgrade is finished, along with a beautiful organiser. It will take us a few weeks to print our first stock levels, alongside Imperial Steam.

Update 8/06/2023

We have finished our pirate ship! Cannons firing on one side, attack those French positions!! - I can say that as my wife was born in a French colony ;-) 

Maracaibo Pirate Ship

Original Post 19/04/2023:

Another excellent game from Alexander Pfister. After playing several games, there are some things that needed to be done. We made the mistake of trying to play one of our games outside, and suddenly it got a little windy, and everything went everywhere! But seriously I've lost count on the number of times I have bumped my little upgrade discs playing this game, typically reaching over the table at the time. So a solution to this problem needed to be derived.

I thought about what Alexander may have intended these little discs to be... They are brown circular discs, but on the player board they are gold. I then noticed the compasses on the cards are also gold, and I thought hey that's a great solution. How about little nautical compasses that stack and lock into each other, to stop the sliding around and falling off!

Well here we have it, the locking/stacking mechanism works well, it continued to survive my earthquake test when all the brown discs had toppled:

Maracaibo Upgrade Tokens

Maracaibo Upgrade Tokens

So what other upgraded tokens are we doing....

68 Pounder Cannons! Each country will be represented by these cannons, instead of the cube:

Maracaibo Upgraded Tokens Cannons

Wendy says they are so cute (Cannons can be cute?):

Maracaibo Upgraded Cannons

They are very small. But now they look like the French, Spanish and English taking over the islands with their fortifications, and you'll have so much more fun when your country takes out someone else's cannon!

Maracaibo Emplacements

You may have also noticed the country influence markers have been replaced with a Captains Helm, I've made these little wheels stackable too:

Maracaibo Helm

We have some more ideas currently being drafted. Stay tuned!

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