Star Wars Aramda - Card and Tile Holder Organisers

Star Wars Aramda - Card and Tile Holder Organisers

Coming soon will be our card holders for Star Wars Armada. These holders are designed to be modular with different options depending on how your gaming table is setup, the ships you fly and the size of cards you have, I don't think anyone is happy with the fact that the card sizes keep changing in this game! Whilst this is not exactly a new project, as we have been using these holders for several years, we have been making adjustments over that time as card sizes change for our own use. Now to make it available to others we have added further improvements and more options for setup.

These card holders will keep all the defence tokens, dials and upgrade cards together. Being modular it won't matter if you have the older style cards, or the newer ones. We will have prints for all the combinations required. Each card holder will snap together with magnets and an aligning pin. Tokens can easily be removed or flipped over by pressing on one side of the token. Cards can be easily removed by the cut-out on the back of the tile.

We know these holders will improve your gameplay experience, as it does ours.

Here is the single card height option, and the ACE squadron with defence tiles snapped on with the magnets:

Armada Card Holders

Here you can see how we can easily rotate, or remove tokens as needed:

Armada Card Holders

Here is a double card height holder. 

Armada Card Holder

Note: 3D tokens, upgraded items and organisers are in no way affiliated or endorsed by the producers of the board games we are designing organisers and components for. Artwork is completely original and designed in our own imagination and style from scratch. Our coming soon blog is sometimes used as a thoughts process in our design work and are experimental or conceptual for the board games we own. They may not become available for sale and are purely conceptual. As with all art work and creativity process, some things work out, some we trash, some we shelve, or only use for ourselves. Before we decide to make a product available we carefully assess if they are suitable to sell, that they pass certain criteria, including but not limited to play testing, durability testing, printing feasibility, effort, and any other costs associated to sell or produce and share. We are a very small business so we do not have the means sometimes to make these available, but our enjoyment comes in this hobby from others enjoying the creations we have made. If you like our creations we would love to hear from you.

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