Sometimes simple is best - GWT

Sometimes simple is best - GWT

Update 03/03/2024

Here is an updated image with the other two tokens, All the accessories needed to herd those cows through the western country:

GWT Upgrade

Original Post

I got my Great Western Trail out the other day. Whilst I'll never replace the cute timber meeples in this game with their comical cowboy hats, the discs are just too plain for my liking. Our motto is don't upgrade something that doesn't need it. Quite often I love the base game components and there is no need for an upgrade. Sometimes the timber pieces represent the game well (i.e. Clans of Caledonia - I'd never replace the timber tokens as I absolutely love them). In this case for Great Western Trail we only need a simple solution. We've had a lot of people love our Brass score markers where I took a similar approach, a stackable simple but elegant design in solid resin. Practical and keeping in the aesthetics of the game. So here we are again, a stackable simple but elegant design I'm doing up for the player discs in the Great Western Trail. Each player has about 14 of these tokens. Can't wait to add these to our game. Another two to design for the red player and white player and I'll be back here to post the update on our progress once Wendy has printed them out.

Great Western Trail Player disc tokens markers

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