Small upgrade to Viticulture - Update 18/02/2024

Small upgrade to Viticulture - Update 18/02/2024

Update 18/02/2024:

Ok we got a bit distracted with playing too many games on the weekend with our friends. Had an awesome game of Castles of Burgundy (I won), and Lowlands (I lost). We also had a crazy game of Survive Atlantis with our kids - all up 6 players!!! It was mad and stressful and in the end only a few meeples made it to shore as that volcano went off early!
Unfortunately that meant no work was done on this little upgrade. Will hopefully get back to it next week, as the colours, quality feel and detail in this little upgrade is fantastic and makes me want to get it to the table again with a glass of red wine.

Update 11/02/2024:

Quick update. Should be ready by next weekend:

Prototype below, accent colour (red) will match player colours for each. The wine tasting hall roof will match the player colour too! There are several bunches of grapes hanging under the trellis (photos don't show this due to angle).

We have a mix of resin pieces and plastic pieces to create this beautiful coloured and high detailed set. 

Viticulture player pieces

Ox wagan wine viticulture

Viticulture ox cart



Viticulture upgrades.Sweeping the dust off an old project I never finished. Windmill, water tower, wine tasting hall remodelled from my original project, coming out great with some printed colour.

To come ox pulling cart, guest house, and trellises. Maybe some barrels for the winery.

A relatively small project to get this great game out more often.

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