A little side project - Furnace

A little side project - Furnace

What a great game. A customer of ours put us onto this game, and we love it. Designed by Ivan Lashin, he has managed to create a simplistic engine building game that has sufficient depth to entertain all, easy to teach, and you can get it on the table very quickly. This game has already got to the table many times! Everyone we've played it with so far really enjoy it, so it will be a permanent addition to our library.

I'm always thinking of ways to improve components, and the setup experience. One thing we noted is on several games we have had to use the included multipliers, sometimes several people in the game, as there aren't enough resources in the box. This can create a little frustration, and we start swapping resources around the table to try and use them. I really don't like using multipliers, so my first job was to create more resources! Thus an opportunity to create a 55 gallon drums, fresh smelted iron (with a hint of rust), coal, and upgraded cog wheels all out of resin.

My next task will be to create an organiser that supports the playmat, and all of these wonderful game components. Hopefully this is something we will be able to make available to all!

Oh and the coins, if you are wondering are from https://www.moedaseco.com.br/indexen.php 

I'm just using the 7 wonders set I got the other day, but I've just ordered some Brass Birmingham coins which should match nicely with this game.

Furnace Upgrade Cog wheel

Furnace upgraded 55 Gallon Drums Fuel barrels

Furnace upgraded Iron with rust

Furnace coal

Furnace upgraded cog wheel

Furnace Playmat with upgraded tokens

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