Miniature Buildings for Industry Tiles - Brass Birmingham

Miniature Buildings for Industry Tiles - Brass Birmingham

We are now printing miniature buildings for the industry tiles in Brass Birmingham.  We now have the brewery, and have shrunk our export tokens to fit nicely on the industry tiles without covering any of that important stuff. There will be enough buildings in this pack for every tile location on the board. We like to have these in our custom container next to the board, and place a building on the tile when it flips (produces). In our play testing we've found it helps focusing on which tiles haven't flipped, and thematically it adds to the construction element (placing the tile is the blueprints laid, flip the tile and place the building on it, as the industry is built and established).

We also like the export tokens in their original size - it really helps with highlighting those export locations, and we've found it also helps with newer players understanding the export rules.

See some photos here of the miniature buildings next to our Export Tokens placed in our neat containers:

Play testing (I'm yellow and tried the Birmingham tactic, but my wife won she was red):

Playing Brass Birmingham

These building tokens will be added to our deluxe tokens product as an additional option.


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