Lowlands - Prototyping - Update 23/08/2023

Lowlands - Prototyping - Update 23/08/2023

Update 23/08/2023

This one is now available!

Initial post:

We have recently played Lowlands after managing to find a copy of it locally. What another great game. We hope there are more prints of this game going into production, as its fantastic. Unfortunately my copy came with a broken meeple house, no bother though, we can replace that! Doing some research into the old cottages of the North Sea placed about the sheep farms, I was inspired to create this classic stone cottage to replace those meeple buildings:

Lowlands Cottage Building Token


And... I couldn't leave those matchstick fences, so have also done up some nice modular fence pieces with stacked stone. Two types to mix it up a bit - one section with a gate for those sheep, and the other as a full stone wall to keep them in!

Lowlands fence pieces

Once we have reached out to the designer we may make this available for all! I haven't printed my set yet, but I'm hoping I'll have a set tomorrow sometime as I can't wait to be placing out those stone walls and historical cottages.

Here are our first prints:

Lowlands upgraded tokens

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