Its finally coming - Dress a Meeple on your Card Holder

Its finally coming - Dress a Meeple on your Card Holder

Dress that giant meeple on your card and token holder! 

Do you children have trouble holding game cards? Do they keep fidgeting with their cards, bending them etc? Are they dropping tokens on the floor? Or are you just a big kid at heart that really wants to dress up those meeples? 

We have 3 children under the age of 10. These are play tested with our children, and with our adult friends too! We recently played ticket to ride rails and sails, and they worked a treat:

Card Holder Ticket to Ride

Everyone will have an oversized meeple with little costumes to keep those fidgeting hands at bay:

Meeples Board Game

Plenty of space for cards are neatly placed and arranged on the card holder across 3 levels. Holders are stable, and don't take a lot of room. They even have a working drawer to hide tokens, and a dish to place public tokens. Costumes, Drawer and Meeples are removable. Match the meeple to the player colour, or just grab your favourite.

This took us sometime to get a product out due to the engineering challenges and forces applied by children on small items like the costumes. We couldn't find strong enough plastic or resin that would endure their play, until now. We have a special mix of resin that is tough and slightly flexible that has passed to make this a reality and something we are so proud of.

Chef Meeple

Robin Hood Meeple

Cowboy Meeple

A special thanks goes out to Bec and Dion for your request for us to develop card holders, and play testing them with us.

We had lots of fun designing these. Check out all the costume designs we've developed:

Chef hat, with knife and fork.

Jetpack with Helmet

Cowboy Hat with Shotgun

Angel Wings

Sword and Shield with Helmet

Bow and Arrow

Mexican Hat with Maracas

Explorer Hat with Binoculars

Open Umbrella

Princess crown and Wand

Top hat

Mix and Match! Make your own character. 

Due to small parts this is not suitable for Children under 5.

Stay tuned - This will be on our website soon.

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These meeples are so cute. Can’t wait.


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