Organiser for Istanbul Dice

Organiser for Istanbul Dice

Update 19/06/2024

Now available in our store.

Update 16/06/2024

Project has begun and like our ship organiser for Le-Havre, this one is going to be EPIC! Yes we have some crazy ideas again. We are going to bring the famous Istanbul Bazaar market literally to your table modelled from the real markets, a perfect addition for the game Istanbul Dice. Hopefully we can pull it off. So far our prototype is looking awesome (our central dice tower organiser piece).

Stay tuned for what's next on this game!


Original Post

From a customer request, this upgrade will go into the pipeline. We are going to design some nice deluxe resources for use with Istanbul board game.

I'm looking forward to designing some little pineapples :-)

Current workload is high so I don't expect this upgrade to be completed till end of July. See how we go.

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