Brass Lancashire progress update

Brass Lancashire progress update

Development finished. Update 18/03/2023. NOW AVAILABLE. Check out our products section.

We are getting very close to finishing all the upgrades for this game. We are on track to having this available by the end of the month.

We have completed the retail box organiser,

Our deluxe box organiser is 80% complete,

We have finished the ship buildings tokens, and anchors for the ports. 

Since it has been too hot to print resin, we have decided to spend more time on design. So new and unique train and boat tokens for Lancashire have been created. I own both games, and love them both, but thought I do want it to look a bit different. It doesn't have beer, so gone are the beer barrels on the boat, and we have a store room for cotton. We've gone a more traditional barge design, horse drawn barges. The train is an earlier design too than we did for birmingham, this one is the William Norris from the 1840s. It's an American design that was built for the Austrian Alps, but the UK purchased 17 of them for use in Birmingham and Gloucester. Each player will get 14 of them :-)

We hope you enjoy our upgrades and the extra effort we put into the detail of these token designs. Our tokens are exact same size as the cardboard tokens in the game. We have drawn everything from scratch, drawing every little bolt, pipe and lever, taking careful consideration on how they will print and hold together and hiding support structures within the model. It takes us extra time to remove the intricate external supports needed for this locomotive, but we think it's worth it to bring a smile to our customers!

Here are some pictures.

Brass Lancashire TokensBrass Lancashire tokens

Brass Lancashire organiserBrass Lancashire organiserBrass Lancashire organiserBrass Lancashire organiserBrass lancashire

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