Ark Nova Organizer - Update 18/02/2024

Ark Nova Organizer - Update 18/02/2024

Update 25/02/2024:

Deluxe organiser is now available here:

Update 18/02/2024:

Organiser is coming along very nicely. Managed to spend a little bit of time on this amongst playing games.. We now have a bamboo fenced single deck holder (this deck holder will fit on the board nicer than the double). We keep the double deck holder for those extra zoo cards, and the extra large discard tray holder which is very nice - Didn't want to lose these deck holders with awesome lids that transform to discard baskets - they are my all time favourite deck holders I've designed with such a sturdy and high quality feel!
Amazing deck holders for Ark Nova

Discard basket for Ark Nova

I've made all the deck holders all fit sleeved cards, and we now have capacity for all cards in the base game plus Marine Worlds expansion fitting in all the deck holders (minus the base cards that are removed/replaced by Marine Worlds). 

We also have a separate deck holder for player cards, and triple deck holder to add objective cards, so setup is a breeze. The player deck holder box can stay in the box to free up table space.

We now have two separate token holders that can be placed on the table (one for coins and multipliers, and the other separate token box that can sit next to the association board to replenish all those tokens easily (no more sifting through tokens to find the right one). This again will free up considerable table space in comparison to the stock holders and is so much more elegant.

Ark Nova Token Box Organizer

Ark Nova Token Box Organiser

My next job for this organiser is to create the zoo tile tray for stock tiles (unfortunately there is no way our 3D Zoo tiles will ever fit into the base game box). At least we will have storage for the stock tiles once done as this is just a mess!
Ark Nova a mess, must fix.

I think you'll agree this is looking to be a beautiful organiser for Ark Nova once I clean up those tiles and finish the individual player boxes.

We will likely still make our old design available for those that have no intention in sleeving their game and want a cheaper storage solution to this deluxe upgrade.

Update 11/02/2024

Our 3DLevelup Ark Nova Organiser is getting a complete rework. We are completely transforming the box, replacing the original token holders. Our plan is to have an ornate artistic looking organiser (like our original as I love our bamboo zoo card holder). It will hopefully provide the following capabilities:

- Holds sleeved cards for the base game and the Marine expansion.
- Support Moedas & Co coins in a separate coin tray.
- Provide a large Discard card tray
- Individual player boxes for quick setup
- A separate token tray.

Designing a component organiser such as this will reduce the amount of room required on the table to play Ark Nova. We want to provide the ultimate organiser for Ark Nova to go with our unique 3D Zoo Tiles.

Images coming soon.

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