Complete 3D Tiles upgrade suitable for Ark Nova - UPDATE 8th Jan

Complete 3D Tiles upgrade suitable for Ark Nova - UPDATE 8th Jan

Oh if you've come here, this upgrade is now available on our store!

Update 8th Jan:

Our printers are going non-stop. Initial print stock now completed, We are now getting ready our product images. Check back soon to place initial orders.

Update 3rd Jan:

We are getting close to having stock of these items. We hope early next week they will be available. In the meantime whilst you wait, here are some more photos of the Special Tiles and the Aquariums.

From Left to Right:
Monkey (Island)
Large Aquarium (With lighthouse)
Aquatic Park (Waterslides!)
The Aquarium (Giant shark on roof)
Zoo School
Polar Bears
Small Aquarium (Wave roof)
Underwater tunnel (yes water is translucent, so you can see the walkway)

Ark Nova 3D Tiles


Top down photo:

Ark Nova Aquatic Tiles 3D

More Special Tiles:

From Left to Right:
Amazon house (its a boat ride!)
Adventure Playground
Baboon Rock (inside cage with Rocks, Logs and a Tree)
Owl Huts (3 huts)
Turtle Pools
Side Entrance (with toilets, gate and ticket booth)
Okapi Stables
Excavation site (with dinosaur bones sticking out)
Hyena Compound

Ark Nova Special Tiles 3D

Top down photo:

3D Tiles for Ark Nova

Which tile is my favourite? The Aquarium with the shark. I'm loving the mix of inside & outside water viewing windows, and that giant shark on the roof.

My least favourite? Well .. the underwater tunnel, because last game I played, I got this card, just cause I thought the tile would look cool in my park, I never got to place it, and I lost the game too!

Update 30th Dec:

I thought I'd share what I'm creating right now... its a Giant Plush Teddy Bear being drawn for Ark Nova? What the? Where would a teddy bear go? If you can guess what could possibly have a teddy bear on the tile, and get it correct (you only get one guess) send us a message! If you guess it right, you'll get a 20% discount on our Ark Nova tiles! Guesses must be sent prior to us releasing the full 3D tile set  - email us your answer at HURRY limited time as I'm working hard to get these sets ready for sale!

Teddy Bear for Ark Nova

Update 25th Dec:

Merry Christmas to all! We wanted to share some photos on our Ark Nova tiles. Our printers are going non-stop and we hope to have stock very soon for this exciting upgrade. We had our first prototype play session with 4 players and everyone absolutely loved these tiles. There is no way we are ever going back to the cardboard tiles! So we are extremely excited about this product.

First image from Left to Right:

Large 5 Tile Bird Aviary - Special Tile Polar Bears - Special Tile Monkeys (Island) - Large Enclosure 5 Tile - Petting Zoo - Small Aquarium - Small 2 Tile Enclosure

Ark Nova 3D Tiles

You might be wondering how we do the under construction phase on the tiles where they are flipped in the game from under construction, to complete with animals? These tiles were designed from the ground up to support this, we no longer flip them, but place the borders/fences around the enclosures to represent them being occupied as seen below:

Ark Nova Enclosures Fenced

Ark Nova Unfenced Enclosures

You might ask "What about the cubes for Aquariums, Petting Zoos, Aviary, Reptile house?" Yes! The designs cater for cubes to be placed on these buildings. The bird aviary and reptile house has 5 locations for cubes to sit, likewise the small 2 Cube placement Aquarium in the above photo has a spot for one cube on the Wave Roof, and another spot on the pool out the back.

With such little intricacies and designs you might be concerned are they fragile? We do not consider these fragile and are quite sturdy considering their look. Our 5 year old daughter is constantly playing with them, and they currently get thrown about on the table - no broken tiles yet.

Will they fit in the box? Absolutely no! unless you remove everything else from your box :-) There are many enclosures required for this game. For each type of enclosure, there is typically around 15-20 tiles, then there are also the special tiles. For the base game alone we are looking at 157 3D Tiles. That is double the amount of tiles found in Terraforming Mars. Considering the fences are removable we are looking at likely 250 pieces to print per base game set (not including Marine Worlds) and our printers are running hot with lots of servicing required (that was my day on Saturday, repairing 2 printers). So yes this will need a storage option - ours is currently zip tie bags :-(

We are looking into the possibility of getting a box manufactured to the same length and height of the Ark Nova box, so it can sit nicely alongside it for better storage and act as a resource tray/box on the table next to the board.

Well I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead with much more gaming with your friends and family - we will be spending this time playing lots of board games and keeping those printers busy over this holiday period so we can have some stock to sell of this awesome upgrade soon.

Original Posting

Our prototypes are done! We are now starting to print stock. This is epic. A full set of Ark Nova 3D Tiles, we've managed to create a wonderful zoo. Aviary's, Reptile Houses, Petting Zoo (with allocations for player cubes for the animals), All enclosure sizes that have both a under construction mode, and fully fenced mode, Kiosks/Cafe's, Pavilions. Wonderful details throughout, and all in full colour! We have benches, viewing galleries, animal platforms, trees, paths, ponds, waterfalls, sails, mini grand stands, suspension viewing bridges, walk in bird aviaries with internal balconies, umbrellas, rubbish bins, stairs, fences.... You'll want to play Ark Nova just to place the tiles out to make your unique zoo - with our prototypes we know we do! Our 5 year old daughter has already claimed her set.

We really didn't think this was possible to get the detail we wanted in such small prints the same size as Ark Nova tiles, all done in stunning colour. A design of engineering and fantastic printing equipment, we believe these 3D tiles will be the best upgrade for Ark Nova.

And we haven't just stopped there... Ark Nova Marine World tiles are under design right now and will also be available shortly.

If you like Ark Nova, and having 3D tiles for Terraforming Mars, and games alike, these are a must buy! These will bring an Ark Nova fan hours of joy. You won't be disappointed.

Ark Nova 3D Tiles

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