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Perfecting Agricola - Update 13/05/2024

Update 13/05/2024

We are now printing stock for this upgrade. We are also considering some further upgrades for this game in the near future (Farmers of the Moor fuel tokens likely to come, my crazy idea is little fireplaces to put in each room with orange fire inside - all done in incredible detail), but for now its time to move on the other projects we need to finish. We hope to make it available on our website later this week.

Update 5/05/2024

We got to play Agricola this evening with our new little pieces and they are very nice. My favourite is the pot, its so heavy in solid resin! It feels really good when you earn that 5 food in a pot. The little barns have come out nice, and look at all those plates of food... We had a few very minor failures on the plates, but we look to fix that on the next print.

Note the resin pot as a number 5 engraved on the bottom of it (so you can't forget it's 5 food):

Agricola Food Tokens
Agricola Board
Agricola Barn with Sheep
And... Don't these fences look so much better than matchsticks?
Agricola Fences
So much food! 
Agricola Food
Look at all the detail coming out in these little barns!
Agricola Barn

Update 4/05/2024

Oh you are going to love these little additions. We can't wait to have a game with them. We have done little bowls with knife/spoon and some potatoes, and we have some pots. It's all ready to printed, so hopefully tomorrow we will have something to show!

Update 2/05/2024

A little barn for the players. This will be printed out the same size as the pieces in the game (which is quite small). So not all this detail will come out, but a quick draw up of a rickety barn to hopefully print this weekend with the fences to create some pizazz.

We love Agricola, we love timber pieces. So this is a little upgrade to perfect the game. There are a few elements to perfect our edition of Agricola.

We are going to be creating some resin fences to replace the matchsticks, some little shack barns, llamas (we want these to be timber, coming soon when we get our timber machines, resin in the meantime!), and some resin food tokens.

As many others we were a little disappointed with the organiser tray in the 15th anniversary edition. So we are going to replace this also with a much nicer tray - bevelled inner edges, one that is solid and doesn't fall apart, and provisions for tiles to be stored in a cleaner method. We might create some little dividers for the cards as well to make it easier to sort your collection.

If you love Agricola like us, we think you'll love these additions to your game.

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